Sometimes a name can say a lot, sometimes it says everything. SESEHtypo is the anagram of the word: Hypoestes, our symbol, a beautiful evergreen plant with spotted pink and green leaves. We feel strongly about celebrate the art of type and to connect people through evergreen letterform. Thank you for supporting our small, women-run business. We hope to inspire you and help you connect with the people you love.


Do you believe that we use the same paper that Napoleon Bonaparte chose to print the announcement of his wedding? You have to, because is true. SESEHtypo prints on a special cotton paper made by an Italian company that made papers from 1404. we guarantee quality, research, and sustainability. Our paper is 100% natural and acid free.


We use our prints production expertise to create products that last. This is why the museum quality is our technique and every detail has been carefully studied, every prints hand cut.


To create a unique harmony in your home we designed the perfect frame for our collection. The wood structure is available in two different finishing: light wood and black. The frames are made in Italy with the best quality wood to add a luxurious feel in your space.

made in italy

We think sustainable and we produced local. SESEHtypo is an Italian based brand and we are proud to say that we are more than 100% made in Italy, we are 100% made in Tuscany. The paper, the printing process, the frames, the packaging, everything is made in the range of 60 miles. Thank you to believe and support our project!
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